Updated 06/07/2016


 Vaulting Lessons (Equine Science V)

For ages 9 to Adults

A Typical Class

Developed in 2001 for The Riding Academy by Sarah Hill, Program Manager, with the goal to help promote the sport of vaulting, by doing demonstrations and teaching recreational and competitive vaulting.

If you like, gymnastics and horses you will love vaulting! Vaulting is one of the safest equine sport and a perfect for beginners and advanced riders.  We will be doing demonstrations and/or competitions through out the year.

Our Vaulting Program is for students' ages 9 years old through Adults. Vaulting is modified gymnastics on horseback. It is ideal for building confidence, balance, teamwork, and a solid foundation for any style of riding. Vaulting, also known as artistic riding, and dates back thousands of years. During the roman period roman nobleman were taught vaulting before they learned horsemanship in the saddle, this practice continues to this day throughout Europe. Our group classes are normally one and a half hours to two hours long. Vaulting is a team sport, the more vaulters the better our team is. 


First, our vaulters sign in.


Second, our vaulters start by getting the vaulting barrel area ready. They help by raking the area, sweeping the mats and uncovering the vaulting barrels.



Third, they start stretching. 














Forth, the students go over their compulsories and freestyle exercises on the vaulting barrels.


















Fifth, The Horse!! This is where all their hard work on the barrels pays off.
















 Fifth, Giving the horse a pet and thank your coach.






















That ends our hour long lesson vaulting lesson.



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