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Updated 06/07/2016



   A Typical Vaulting Class    
  Lesson Information    
  Dress Code    
  Vaulting Rules    
  Stable Rules    
  Make Up Lessons    
  Rainy and Muddy Day Lessons    
  Lesson Schedule    



Typically student range from ages 9 to Young Adults.


Lesson Information:

  • Parents/riders will be required to sign a liability form.

  • Come dressed properly – i.e. jacket, shoes, see dress code below.

  • Parents (if app.) need to read throughout the study book – i.e. rules, level, dress code and fees.

  • Please call if you are not coming to class. 

  • Classes are for actively enrolled students only.

  • Lessons are held in all weather conditions, including rain.

  • Always be aware that lessons may run over the allotted time.

  • Late starts - please understand that late starts may occur due to the nature of the business.

  • All students are required to clean up after themselves.

  • Spectators, this includes PARENTS, are not allowed in the areas where horses are working, such as the arena and grooming areas or cross ties. It is preferred that they stay in their cars. So, not to distract the vaulters.

  • Students that are improperly dressed for vaulting or weather conditions will not be able to vault.

  • Spectators must not interfere in lesson by distracting student when on the horse.

  • Any parent that is going to be late to pick up a student needs to call.

  • Jackets, coats and sweatshirts are to be zipped or buttoned while riding; never take any type of outer garment off while mounted.

Vaulting Dress Code:

  • Clothes: T-shirt and legging or sweat pants. Bike unitards are great.  Shirts should be tucked in.

  • No 1/2 Shirts, loose or slippery clothing or jeans should be worn.

  • COLD WEATHER: Sweatshirts should be warn in cold weather, no zippers or buttons: damages the equipment..

  • Hair: Long hair should be in a ponytail or bun.

  • Shoes: Swim shoes (water shoes), Ballet shoes, or Vaulting shoes are good. Vaulting Shoes can be purchase on line at Pegasus Vaulting Supply  the shoes cost is around $29.00 plus 6.00 for shipping.


Vaulting Rules:

Vaulting rules are the standards by which a rider conducts him/herself when vaulting in company, whether showing or during instruction.  A well-mannered rider is aware that the practice of these rules is a safety fact for them and others.

1.      Obey the instructor at all times.

2.      Do not tell others what to do. (However, do help other vaulters by being a good mentor.)

3.      Students must dress properly for vaulting and the weather.

4.      Never run in front of the horse.

5.      Never stand in front of or behind the horse

6.      Always warm up before vaulting.

7.      Never practice alone.

8.      Be on time to your lessons. (Call if you are going to be late and remember to stretch.)

9.      Specters must not distract the riders

10. Always be ready to help spot for your teammate.

11. Always praise your teammates often on their achievements.

12. Never ride on a horse that has not been trained for vaulting.

13. Remember to stand in line patiently.

14. Stand tallest to smallest with your hands behind you, at attention.

15. Land softly on the horse’s back and do not dig your heels, knees, or toes into the horse.

16. If you lose your balance, make sure you tuck and roll away from the horse or barrel.

17. Never use the word CAN'T. Ask for help instead.

Stable Rules:

1.  No smoking: no smoking anywhere. 

2.  No shouting: speak in a normal tone of voice.  Shouting is annoying to horses and has no place in the stable.

3.  No running: do not run in stable or around the horses.

4.  No gum:  no chewing gum when riding or around the stable.

5.  No standing behind tethered horses.

6.  No riding in or out of the barn.

7.  No one may play or be around the haystack.

8.  No rock throwing.

9.  All students are required to wear a helmet when riding.

10.  Any guest riding or handling a horse must sign a liability waiver. (available on our web site)

11.  Never enter a stall or take a horse without permission of the owner.

12.  Do not feed horses or chickens without permission. Do not feed academy horses by hand.

13.  Children should never be left unattended.  There are many potential dangers around the stable.

14.  Do not litter.

15.  No dogs.

16.  Do not chase the chickens or try to pet them.


Make Up Lessons:

There are NO make up classes for Vaulters. (En lieu of make up lessons vaulting students can go to all vaulting classes at no extra charge.)  Please remember that Academy's horses have to eat even if you miss your lesson and your lesson fee pays for their feed and they eat the very best too!


Rainy and Muddy Day Lessons:

Since we hold lessons in all weather, includes rainy and muddy days here are some great things to remember.

  1. Please dress as though you are going to vault. You never know what activities we will have planed or we maybe even be able to vault on the horse.

  2. Dress in layers.


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